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The Small Print 

DCMI Standard Terms and Conditions

All engagements are different in time and scale, DCMI prefer to quote on an individual and personal basis. This is often processed by the pilots & their company to ensure the best possible rate and equipment applicable to the clients individual requirements. 

Engagements are as Camera Operator and/or Director of Photography and not as a pilot. DCMI supplies/collaborates with the pilot(s) and their affiliated companies. 

TV and Feature Film rates are calculated at the guidelines set out by the TV Drama and Motion Picture agreements. Commercial rates are calculated at the guidelines set out by APA. Rates available on a negotiated basis.

Screen Credits

Allocation of Film and TV screen credits form part of our terms and conditions. Please credit as: Aerial Camera Operator - Darren Miller ACO 

DCMI require a full written client brief before any contract commences.

Client to supply a Purchase Order number before any work commences. This then forms a contract between DCMI, any third party hired and the client.

Verbal and/or bookings by electronic means constitute a contract and the T&C's set out here apply. 

DCMI can supply cameras/lenses etc upon request dependent on the requirements of the production and aircraft availability to fly certain payloads. 

Cancellation charges are applied as set out in the guidelines by BECTU and APA unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

Aerial Work

Darren is available to work exclusively as an aerial camera operator and/or aerial DOP for other companies.

Darren does not fly the aircraft. 

DCMI reserve the right to employ third party aerial companies/pilots to facilitate a clients requirements subject to the third parties and DCMI's terms and conditions. 

DCMI commissions engagements with the pilots company and under their own terms and conditions, CAA permissions and licenses. The client will then liaise direct with that company for billing and insurance purposes. 


Aerial filming and photography requires DCMI and any third party hired, to conduct a full safety and feasibility recce of the area(s) to be imaged. This might entail a location recce and/or utilising on line applications like Google Maps, Google Earth, Altitude Angel etc. A full Risk Assessment and Mission Statement (RAMS) document will be issued to the client/production company before any flight will take place. A charge will be made for recce days which can be agreed with the client beforehand.


Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) 

DCMI and all third parties conduct operations as set out by the CAA and the ANO (Air Navigation Order)

All pilots that DCMI collaborates with have 10M OSC permissions (Operation Safety Case) which allow closer proximity flying

Not at a height exceeding 400ft. (600ft by arrangement)

Aircraft must be within VLOS (Visual Line of Sight) & 500m horizontally. 

Not over or within 150m of any congested area (10M OSC)

Not at a distance closer than 50m to any building, structure, vessel or person not under the control of the pilot (10M OSC)

Not at a distance closer than 30m to any person other than the pilot. (10M OSC)

Not at a distance closer than 150m to any gathering of over 1000 persons

Not within the designated no fly zones near to airports, military and other sensitive buildings and installations 

The aircraft will not fly in the rain or in wind speeds above 20MPH

The Pilots decision is final as to whether a flight can take place and safely

DCMI must have permission from the landowner(s) from where the activity will take place

DCMI and any third party will seek permission from ATC (Air Traffic Control) & the various agencies and authorities when necessary before any engagement takes place. This might include the Police, PLO (Port of London Authority), local City Council, Military & Government security agencies. If any flights are prohibited or curtailed by any of these bodies (noted or not), then the flights will not take place and the client will be notified accordingly. 

Regulations are changing as rapid as the industry grows. DCMI and any third party companies, will comply with the CAA regulations at all times 



DCMI and any third party hired for the engagement, will supply the raw footage at the end of the shooting day to be downloaded by the production. All digital cards/readers etc must be returned upon completion of the download unless agreed beforehand. A hire charge will be made for late return of digital assets.

DCMI reserve the right to use any clients video footage/photography for promotional and PR purposes once the programme/film has aired. 


DCMI is the originator of all images captured in any form, from the camera being flown and therefore retains the copyright of the data until full payment of the engagement has been received & cleared

Payment Terms

Payment terms maximum 30 days from invoice submission.

DCMI or any third party hired, reserve the right to apply a late payment charge of 8% above the bank of England base rate of the full invoice worth unpaid after this period.

All payments to be made by BACS /CHAPS. We no longer accept cheque payments. 

Mileage is charged at 55ppm.

Cancellation (Aerial Work)

In the event of force majeure including adverse weather conditions which disable the services of DCMI and any third party therein, an alternative date will be sought to complete the contract when possible.

Cancellation by DCMI will result in an alternative professional company being offered to the client. This does not guarantee the same terms and conditions as DCMIThe client is responsible for any further negotiations therein. 

Cancellation by the client within 24hours day will result in 100% payment of the full contract worth.

The client agrees to cover reasonable travel and overnight costs where applicable.  

Any footage/photograph that doesn't comply with the Data Protection and Surveillance act, will result in any identifiable person(s) being removed from the image(s) or the image(s) being deleted at the clients discretion.  


DCMI and any third party hired, will comply with the Covid testing requirements of any production. Where possible, PCR testing will be conducted prior to shooting supplied by production at their cost including an attendance fee. Otherwise, approved testing facilities will be utilised by us and costs reimbursed accordingly. Please note: Most of our work consists of daily or short engagements which makes it tricky sometimes to get results turned around quickly. 


DCMI has Public Liability Insurance of £10m. The pilot's company has its own insurances and CAA permissions. 

We endeavour to provide the very best professional and friendly service. If we succeed please tell others, if we don't in any capacity, please tell us and we will do our utmost to rectify and appease any situation. 




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